iamalexandra24 said:

Um.. are you a girl or a boy? I'm just curious.

girl! :D 

these-heartswells said:

A part of my assessment for art at school requires me to keep a visual art diary. but to put it simply.. I suck! Everything I do doesn't feel as though it's flowing, and it looks bulky :c And don't get me started on drawing headings and words! Y U SO AMAZING?! I love your sketches, I wish I could sketch as well as you.

Well thank you! :D

I’m pretty sure you don’t! Keep practicing and you’ll get better! Don’t give up! I can’t even draw that well yet but I’m asking help from my dad and my brother. Maybe you could do the same? Or get some books about sketching. Stop putting yourself down and comparing yourself to other people because we all have different ways of creating art. I’m sure your work is amazing, so cheer up! :)